Ag America is the only national organization of agriculture leaders dedicated to supporting and protecting America’s ag future. Our members are agriculture leaders, agribusinesses, industry associations and policy makers who understand the essential role American agriculture plays in the U.S. and around the world in the areas of food production, energy, sustainability, labor, trade, the environment, and opportunity.  We advocate for common sense, free market principles and provide a forum for the exchange of best practices to strengthen America’s agriculture sector.  Ag America is the only organization providing a unified political strategy supporting our ag future at the local, state, and national level as well.

As Ag America has and will continue to be in the battles for agriculture politically and in policy, there is another battle that can no longer be ignored.  For too long, misinformation about agriculture has been spread across the nation, and fed to consumers, opinion leaders, and policy makers by an array of anti-ag forces.  Ag America’s campaign against this anti-ag coalition is a sustainable effort that shapes and informs the discussion around the importance of sound science to our ag future.

Ag America Steering Committee:

Commissioner Ryan Quarles, Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Commissioner Doug Goehring, North Dakota Department of Agriculture
Commissioner Hugh Weathers, South Carolina Department of Agriculture
Commissioner Mike Strain, Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry